Transporder it the Metal Tool bit

Proof of Concept for RFID Transponder/ Reader System with Transponder buried 3 sides in metal

Things used in this project

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1 USB-B1 RFID USB Reader USB-B1 29.95 £

The Transponder in the Metal Production Tool Bit

The 7mm diameter/ 2.5mm thick tag was constructed with the chosen NTAG213 transponder and associated antenna package
surrounded on the lower face and curved side faces by a ferrite layer for shielding of the transponder from the detuning and RF
energy absorbing effect of the surrounding metal. NTAG213 was chosen as a transponder option because of its availability
in very small size including with its antenna, and its low cost. The possible quantity of RFID enabled metal tool bits could be
as high as 500k units per year, so low unit cost was essential. The metal had to be drilled out as minimally as possible to

avoid mechanical weakening beyond the functional requirement of the product.

A proof of concept reader was developed using a modified version of our existing USB-B1 reader with an encapsulated cylindrical
wound ferrite core based inductor as the antenna. For the future prototype and production versions, our inductive charging technology is proposed to be used from our Bluetooth-LE Accelerometer and Gyroscope project (case study available).
A graphical custom LCD will also display readings, menu options and instructions to the operator on the hand-held reader. Data and settings will be stored in flash memory in the reader.
A Windows GUI will also be provided for easy user interface to the hand-held reader. Database storage of job/tool usage records and settings will also be provided to the customer. This database can be held at their respective end customer sites or accessed globally through a cloud based storage option as their customers desire and require.
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