Specialist tuned RFID antenna for high metalowork environment

Specialist tuned RFID antenna for high metalwork environment

Eccel constructed custom antennas using 3D printed parts for pairing with Eccel’s Micro RWD Quad-Tag “QT” reader.

Eccel worked with the customer to provide options for our two compatible tag versions: the HitagS256 injectable glass tag and the EM4102 transponder with custom-programmed user ID injectable glass tag.

Following successful reading of the tags using Eccel’s 20mm air cored antenna the customer sought a solution for Eccel to produce a specialised antenna that would work within their application. Critically the coil needed to be suitable for a high metalwork environment where the tag was recessed to fit within the metalwork and sizing parameters of the customer’s 3D design.

Eccel’s engineering team undertook analysis of the customer’s 3D CAD prints in order to provide a viable solution quickly that was suitable for a high metalwork environment. Further functional testing confirmed that with the appropriate tuning of the antenna Eccel could offer a viable solution that would enable RFID tags to be read that were embedded into metalwork and still be read by our RWD QT reader.

Eccel was able to produce a number of prototypes in-house for the customer to test in-situ. Some simple design modifications were also suggested to the customer’s hardware environment to improve the reading should this be required.

Contact us at sales@eccel.co.uk if you would like to hear more about custom design applications of RFID within high metalwork environments.

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