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Custom products: the typical custom route costs

Stage 1

Agreement between Eccel and the customer of a detailed product specification – 2 weeks – typically £600 cost. This is payable in advance at the start of the project and allows for 3 man days of Eccel time to compose the agreed specification.  If the specification is more complex and time consuming, we will charge for the extra time if needed after agreement with the customer.  (This should not be necessary).

Stage 2

Development of a prototype of the product including firmware and agreed host interface type and specification – between 2 and 5 months (depending upon complexity of the specification) – typically between £3000 and £7000 accordingly.

This is payable in steps (milestones) as follows:

  1. Initial payment at the start of this stage – typically £500.
  2. Payment after delivery of a schematic and a costing estimate of production units for your required quantities for your approval – typically £500. (2 weeks)
  3. Payment after layout is complete – typically £500 (2 weeks).
  4. Stage payments in advance each month of £1000 for our time plus any hardware purchasing costs, ending with a prototype being shipped to you for testing and approval – typically a total cost of £1500 to £5500 depending upon specification complexity.

 Stage 3

Delivery of production units at the price agreed in stage 2. This price will be discounted by 10% until all of the costs in stages 1 and 2 have been recovered.  So if this becomes a production product, the development costs will be fully returned in this way.

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