Development partnership

We have been providing custom embedded development solutions to many clients in many geographies and industry sectors since 2005. Our main areas of expertise are RFID/NFC, wireless interfaces, wired communication interfaces and IoT connectivity. Usually custom developments build upon our existing software and hardware libraries that have been developed in our Standard Product range and other custom products over more than a decade.

Development is divided into clear 3 stages. Depending upon the project, there can also be a pre-development feasibility/ proof of concept stage:

  1. We charge a “contribution” rate for the development of an agreed specification (normally 1-5 days of work, depending upon project complexity, charged at £200 per day). In this stage we also provide a costing for the next stage and a ball-park costing for what the finished assembled PCBA or complete box-build will be.
  2. We charge for the development and delivery of a prototype product/ system for your approval.  This second stage is charged both as a day rate for time and also any external material spend at cost.  We also provide accurate required production build costings at this stage.
  3. We then deliver a populated PCBA or complete box build for production at a price agreed in the two stages above.  However, crucially, because this is a long-term partnership we are seeking, we discount back 10% of this price until all of the time cost contributions (not the external material spend costs) have been recuperated by our partner customer.
Development Partnership