Development Partnership

We are with our clients from the very beginning. We start with writing the technical specification, then we proceed to developing a prototype of the requested product to finally deliver the final manufactured product.

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Manufacturing Partnership

In addition to design services, thanks to our long-lasting, proven business partnerships with subcontract manufacturers across the UK, Europe and Asia we supply customers with ready printed circuit board assemblies.

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 Out of the Box Products

Besides the services related to designing and manufacturing products to special customer request, we sell standard products in our online shop. The products are supported by a range of free available libraries.

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Free Libraries

Free hardware and software libraries, front-end client interfaces and fast-response e-mail technical support, enable you to rapidly achieve realisation of your product application.

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Custom products

ISO9001 Eccecl Technology

Certified quality

Dedicated team


Focus on innovation




We have developed and now manufacture several RFID/NFC products for Healthcare industry customers. These range from embedded read/write devices used for many purposes such as: Authentication, calibration and usage monitoring of consumables used on various blood analysis hospital laboratory equipment, through fine pitch array of 100 multiplexed antennas and associated readers connected by USB to read and write to tagged tubes containing cryogenically stored biological samples, to custom RFID tags and labels for use on the consumables involved.  We meet the strict manufacturing quality and cleanliness requirements of such demanding applications.

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General industry

General Industry

Making something work in ideal benchtop conditions is not the same as providing a rugged and reliable product for real-world environments.  These challenges can include high metalwork surroundings, high electrical noise environments, water, dust and other liquid and particle ingress problems.  We are experienced in dealing with all these issues in applications such as automotive, electrical appliances, access control, equipment tracking, pay as you use applications, gaming machines, fuel and liquid safe dispensing and automated recording and billing, utility metering, city bicycle rental systems, hazardous equipment user authorisation etc.

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We began working with Oxford University in 2008 to develop an RFID leg tag for very small songbirds such as Blue Tits and Great Tits.  Extensive designs were trialled until in 2011 we arrived at the first of a range of ABS 8mm long, 2.3mm and 2.6mm internal diameter self-closing leg bands fitted with a 125 kHz EM4102 transponder with custom ferrite core wound antenna.

Since then we have developed our tag range to include multiple sizes and colour options.  We have also developed Online divorce services stand alone low power battery operated reading and datalogging devices to record the visits of tagged birds to feeding stations and nest boxes.

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Below is a list of companies with whom we have been cooperating for years

RS Components