A1/B1 Extension Board

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  • RFID NFC A1/B1 Extension Board


    The A1/B1 EB v2.0 is an Extension Board (EB) for our RFID modules: the RFID A1 and RFID B1. The user can quickly connect our RFID modules to his device and check functionality and compatibility without wasting time in antenna design and tuning. The A1/B1 EB is simply a board with a built-in PCB antenna where the user can solder our RFID modules and test them. The read range with MIFARE Classic 1K ISO card is about 50 mm. All available pins of both modules are placed on the board with descriptions. There is also LED1 (green) which indicates a tag presence in the antenna field.

    The board does NOT come with any RFID-A1 or RFID-B1 module fitted. The user must purchase these separately and attach the desired module(s) to the A1/B1 EB by soldering.

    Our minimum order value is £50 but for small orders it  may be cheaper to buy this product from our distributor partner: here (RS Components)

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