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  • RFID RWD QT SMT Baseboard


    The RWD QT SMT Baseboard is a demonstration, evaluation and development board for the RWD-QT-SMT module. It is a complete reader and tag acceptance solution for passive RF transponders. The board is powered from the USB connection and, with the addition to it of a RWD-QT-LP-SMT, is a fully featured 125KHz RFID read/write system. The RWD module provides internal EEPROM memory for holding a list of authorised identity codes and system configuration parameters, a manual override switch facility and has LED drives to give visual indication of acceptance. The RWD also has a serial UART interface that allows a host system to communicate with it as the user requires, so that system features can be customised, configurations changed and tag read/write data handled by the host system. The board does NOT come with a RWD-QT-LP-SMT module, this must be purchased separately.

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