Pepper Wireless C1 EA RS485

The RFID C1 RS485 EA (external antenna) is a very powerful, wireless (Wi-Fi now with Bluetooth to follow soon) and low cost full RFID/NFC read/write device with RS485 interface that can operate in both host connected and stand alone mode. Supports MIFARE® Classic® in 1K, 4K memory, ICODE, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE DESFire® EV1/EV2, MIFARE Plus®.


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The Pepper C1 EA family offers the functionality of the Pepper C1 standard family, but without the integral antenna.  This makes them more compact and they are designed to work with our range of antennas in the RFID-ANT1356 family.

Wireless connectivity affords the customer free lifetime Over-the-Air updates, and of course the communication protocol can be used over TCP instead of the traditional UART/USB interface. Combining these features with standalone mode provides a “straight out of the box” ready to use device for many applications. In standalone mode, the module can also send a tag UID over MQTT or WebSockets, making it easy to integrate with IoT systems.

Since firmware version 1.5 changes to stand-alone mode now allows the user to configure the option to automatically transmit selected tag memory contents to the host via MQTT or WebSockets.





Bluetooth (coming soon), MQTT, RS232, Wi-Fi

RFID Tag Standard

ICODE®, MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, MIFARE Classic® Mini, MIFARE Plus®, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE® DESFire®

Supply voltage

3.3V, 5V





C1 Tool v1.0 C1-tool – the simple command line tool, contains the protocol implementation and examples for:
– MIFARE® Classic® commands
– MIFARE Ultralight® commands
– MIFARE DESfire® commands
– ICODE commands
– network configuration commands
STEP file
Android app Pepper C1 Confgurator. In this app you can:
– Setup WiFi parameters for your network and connect your device.
– Check for latest versions and where necessary download firmware updates.
– Perform simple RFID functionality tests.


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