A1 B1 baseboard

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) introduce an baseboard for their new RFID modules

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) introduce the A1 B1 baseboard

A1/B1 Baseboard introduced…

May – 2017, Leicester, UK. 

The A1/B1 Baseboard is a demonstration board for the A1 and B1 modules. It offers full access to all of the features of the RFID-A1 and RFID-B1 modules. The Baseboard allows the user to communicate through a PC application with both modules, test their all features and check their tag detection ranges. User can also install the Baeboard on their own systems to verify compatibility. The board is supported with I2C and SPI connectors, and pheripherals as well as useful development features such as a buzzer, a potentiometer, a switch and LEDs.

Founded in 1998, Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) are manufacturers of an extensive range of RFID/NFC reader and transponder products.

We continue to provide both standard products to give an “out of the box” RFID solution, as well as a fast low cost “tailor made” option of modified standard products. Our extensive hardware and software libraries mean we can deliver optimised products to your exact requirements, without the normal time and cost of such custom solutions.

For further enquiries contact us at sales@eccel.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)1296 821358, or simply complete the submission form below and we’ll get right back to you.

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