Advancing DNA analysis through RFID

Advancing DNA analysis through RFID


Eccel’s customer is a leading provider of droplet digital PCR machines, commonly used for determination of the abundance of DNA alleles within a DNA sample.

Our customer’s precision digital PCR droplet machine integrates droplet generation, thermal cycling and droplet reading into a single machine that is a fully automated and digitally integrated PCR system.

Plates and bottles are loaded and consumption is monitored by the machine with the help of Eccel’s RFID labels on the loaded consumables that are read from and written to by Eccels embedded readers in the PCR machines. This enables users to monitor levels of reagents automatically using the on-board touch screen which displays data provided from the integrated RFID reader and tags. The user is automatically alerted ahead of time when reagent levels are low and require changing which helps to reduce machine down-time by enabling the end user to proactively stock reagents required for the digital PCR process.

Integrated RFID facilitates process automation and ease of data analysis for the end operator. Our customer can then use this RFID capability to sell consumables pre-labelled with our RFID tags to ensure their end customers must purchase their consumables for use within the PCR machine. This model ensures repeat business and allows our customer to provide low up-front cost machines to their customers and associated consumables that are ready to use, therefore minimising the time required for system set-up and calibration when changing consumables.

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