Chilli RS232-B1

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  • RFID NFC Chilli RS232-B1


    A low cost full RFID/NFC read/write device that can operate in “host” connected mode or “stand alone” mode. Supports MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, NTAG2xx®, MIFARE Ultralight®. Based on our RFID-B1 with additional integral antenna, RS232 interface, up to continuous 25V DC power connection, LED for card in the field indication/ interrupt, mounting holes and flexible plated connection holes. Free software libraries for C, C#, Java, Linux, Arduino, Altium/CS footprints, PCB antenna designs.

    Our minimum order value is £50 but for small orders it  may be cheaper to buy this product from our distributor partners: Digi-Key, RS Components or TME:

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