Avian Datalogger System

The Avian EM4xxx datalogger system is fully IP68 rated. It consists of 4 main elements: datalogger/battery unit, RFID unit, loop antennas and connection cable.

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The EM4xxx datalogger system is fully IP68 rated. It consists of 4 main elements.

  1. Loop antennas. These are available currently in 3 diameters (45mm, 65mm and 80mm). All antennas come with 1.5m of cable. Antennas can be single or double, depending upon the RFID unit ordered being single or double.
  2. RFID Unit. This unit is a double antenna version. It is IP68 rated and comes with two connectors. One to the antenna(s) and one to the datalogger/battery unit. The unit contains a small amount of memory where 100 detections are stored. Once more than 100 detections occur, the data is transferred to the datalogger/battery unit where it is stored as a CSV file.
  3. The datalogger/battery unit. This contains the storage memory for the tag detections and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. This is charged by a 5V power supply (USB) and is connected by a mini USB connector. On the current pre-production trial units, the system is a fixed polling rate of 7 scans per second. Any tag detected will not be stored in memory again for a second to prevent too many “same event” storages. On future releases, polling time will be user configurable, as will the “same event” delay time for ignoring events within a user selectable time of one another.
  4. Interconnect cable for connecting Datalogger/Battery Unit to RFID Unit.


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Available on back-order


Available on back-order


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