RFID Avian single-double Loop antenna 45/65/80mm

Avian Loop Antenna. Specially tuned loop antenna of 45/65/80mm internal diameter and 1.3m connecting cable. To connect directly to our Avian datalogger / reader products. Waterproof and toughened.



Avian Loop Antennas. These antennas can either be single loop antennas or double loop antennas. Our loop antennas are specially tuned to work with our Avian Datalogger systems.

We offer a range of antenna sizes as follows: 45mm / 65mm / 80mm internal diameter each having a 1.5m connecting cable for direct connection to our Avian Datalogger product. These antennas are waterproofed and toughened so that they can work in the same environmental conditions as our IP68 rated Dataloggers. The read range of the antennas depends on the size of the bird tag being used. For our smaller 2.3mm tags, the read range is 40-50mm. For bird tags larger than 7mm in diameter, the read range is 60-80mm.



45 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm


Single, Double

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