The MicroRWD QT (Quad-Tag) version is a complete 125kHz reader solution for Hitag 1, Hitag S256/S2048 (Plain Memory mode), Hitag 2 (Password mode), EM400X/4102 and MCRF200I/123 passive RFID transponder types.

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The MicroRWD QT (Quad-Tag) version is a complete 125 kHz reader solution for HITAG® 1, HITAG® S256/S2048 (Plain Memory mode), HITAG® 2 (Password mode), EM400X/4102 and MCRF200I/123 passive RFID transponder types. The solution only needs a 700μH antenna coil connected and 5V DC supply to be a fully featured read/write system. The module provides internal EEPROM memory for holding lists of authorised identity codes, a manual override switch facility and has LED drives to give visual indication of acceptance.
The MicroRWD QT also has a TTL level RS232 interface that allows a host system to communicate with the RWD if necessary, so that system features can be customised, configurations changed and tag read/write data handled by the host system. The MicroRWD QT version uses the same basic hardware as previous MicroRWD versions but has a larger memory microcontroller to accommodate the software for reading four different tag types. The QT version is pin-for-pin, host interface and command protocol compatible with the individual H1/S, H2, EM400X and MCRF200 reader versions. Functionally, the only difference is that the MicroRWD QT internal EEPROM parameter map has been changed to accommodate all the parameters from all the individual versions.
As with the individual MicroRWD versions, the RWD QT is essentially a proximity system and a Read/Write range of up to 20cm can be achieved with the same level of reliable communication and EMC resilience. The unique AST (Adaptive Sampling) feature allows the RWD to continually adjust and re-tune the sampling to allow for inductive changes in the RF field, an essential feature for real-world reliability and robust operation.
The communication protocol with the tags can achieve up to 4k bits/second of data transfer and the total time, for example, to read a HITAG® 2 four-byte page, including reading of the serial number, selecting the tag and the read operation itself takes less than 100ms.






RFID Tag Standard

EM400X / EM4102, Hitag 1®, Hitag 2®, MCRF200/123

Supply voltage









Micro RWD QT 1.1 C# .NET example source files



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