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The Pepper C1 MUX module is the multiplexed version of the Pepper C1 – the first Eccel Technology Ltd product with wireless connectivity capabilities (with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth SPP profile and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE). The user can connect up to 8 external RFID antennas. Thanks to the wireless connectivity, the customer receives free lifetime Over-the-Air updates, and of course the communication protocol can be used over TCP instead of the traditional UART/USB interface. Combining these features with standalone mode provides a “straight out of the box” ready to use device for many application. In standalone mode, the module can also send a tag UID over MQTT or WebSockets, making it easy to integrate with IoT systems.


Eccel partnered with McKinley railway, who required a low-cost custom design to link multiple antennas to a single RFID reader in order to detect and correctly identify trains and communicate wirelessly as they reached certain positions around the track where antennas were positioned.

To provide an “out of the box” solution at low-cost and minimize the requirement for complex electrical circuitry and RFID engineering know-how, Eccel designed a single RFID reader board with the capability to link with up to eight external multiplexed antennas.


Eccel’s new design is a multiplexed version of our Pepper C1 reader (the Pepper C1 Mux). This multiplexer is equipped with eight sockets for external antennas, an LED for identification of a tag attached to each train (or other moving object) as the tags are passed over the antenna’s reading field.

This new multiplexer is available in four different versions each with wireless capability plus 1 of the following four hard-wired interfaces: USB, RS232, RS485 or UART.

The design produced was simple for the customer to implement and enables them to communicate and send messages to the module with Eccel’s own ready-made binary software command protocols.

The Pepper C1 multiplexer is an extremely powerful tool for customers looking to add RFID functionality to their design and get this up and running quickly thanks to our multiple hardware interface versions available and free library of complementary software and online technical support.

We customized our standard antennas connecting to the reader  by altering the antennas tuning circuit.

All the standard antennas and Pepper C1 MUX readers can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

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Please note that this product was customized and changed for a custom-made application.

To find out how we can implement custom-made products and custom application into your business/products, please email: Sales@eccel.co.uk

Please see below our RFID in full operation




Pepper C1 MUX USB 

MUX Antenna 25×25-300

MUX ANT1356-10×50-300

High speed

Pepper C1 EA USB

ANT 1356-10×50-300



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