RFID Linux Tool

Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) introduce the RFID Linux Tool

Eccel Technology introduce the RFID Linux Tool

The RFID Linux Tool

December – 2017, Leicester, UK. 

The RFIDB1-tool is a Linux application dedicated for RFID B1 modules manufactured by Eccel Technology Ltd.
It can be used with any version of this module like:
• The RaspberryPi-B1 – using UART on the extension header and GPIO pins 16,20,21 to wake up and reset the module
• The USB B1
• The UART-B1
• and any other B1-based module version connected via UART or USB interface to Linux machine.

This application is able to execute three types of commands:
• RFID commands – used to interact with RFID tags
• B1 module commands – used mostly to manage module memory for keys, passwords, user data etc. But it can be also used for data encryption and CRC calculation
• Raspberry PI Hat commands – A few commands to enable, disable, and reset the module. There is also one module command dedicated for the Raspberry-PI HAT – reset_to_defaults with parameter 1 used to reset the module to factory defaults settings, but using PWR_DOWN and RST pins. This command revertS communication speed to 9600 and all other communication parameters to default settings.

Download the RFID Linux Tool.

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