Housing security turns to RFID

The market

Currently in the UK, Airbnb and apartments have become so popular, that even some parts of the country have one or more listing for every four properties. The market has seen a rapid expansion in the amount of short term lets in the UK. Not only for Airbnb and apartments but for social housing as well, which is also on the rise as there are 37,300 social houses in the UK and more being scheduled to be built.

With the housing and rental markets being buoyant there is a great focus on security of communal flats and shared access space through access control. It is crucial that criminals cant clone residents cards and gain unlawful access to the properties.


Eccel Technology have designed and manufactured an RFID-enabled key fob and reader, using our own enhanced encryption to guard against card cloning. Our upgrade to the apartment door entry system enables backward capabilities to the customers server system but enhances user security, this gives existing installations a longer active lifetime.

The current system is linked to a managed cloud database giving landlords or domain hosts a real-time oversight of access activity by individuals at any given time. Each key fob and reader have a unique identifier (UID) which is unique to each fob as well as encrypted identification data.

Data collected from key fobs used at that specific reader accurately monitors key fob activity for safety and security purposes. The systems and applications used in this project are bespoke to the clients’ requirements. Security is essential in any building, so we have executed new measures to make sure individuals are always safe.

This reader is also available in a vandal resistant case version.

Key Features

No more physical keys required. With electronic door locks, you do not need to replace lost keys or keep a lockbox with all your keys to each individual unit, which reduces the security risk of broken key safes.

All data can be kept in the same place, remotely and securely- With a keyless fob system, data owners have full visibility of access control to their locations within one secure cloud-based system and do not need to keep track of a myriad of metal keys or deal with locksmiths or key cutting or face the risk of unauthorized key cutting by tenants.

Home security system- Because you have a central access database you can audit the comings and goings of tenants when needed for safety or security reasons.

Reduce the need to be on site- If you have someone coming in temporarily, such as a contractor, agent or even photographer, you can issue time sensitive access keys to reduce the need for a manager to be physically present.

Never get locked out- If the tenant loses a key and is locked out, they can quickly be issued with a new fob and the old fob can be deactivated which quickly prevents unauthorized access in case of key fob theft.

Encapsulated key fobs

Encapsulated tags provide easy implementation to standard key fobs to enable fast and easy implementation to existing fobs and access control systems.


Our readers are slave devices and can be driven by host controllers to perform a range of access control functions, such as operating solenoid locks or triggering down-stream commands with codes that grant door access through database verification. The readers are designed to fix into the standard aperture and fixings of door entry panels whilst being vandal resistant and having different variants to support surface mounting of individual readers into a variety of housings.

Bespoke RFID technology – by developing our own unique RFID protocols, a higher level of security is provided with 128-bit randomly scrambled encryption that is resistant to even the most sophisticated cyber hackers.

Access status indication – by using a combination of LED function various reader operation functions are indicated, simultaneously with visual output as to whether tags are accepted for access by the registered database or not recognized and rejected.

Custom access control RFID devices built using our Pepper C1 technology, users can also benefit from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and NFC connectivity to smartphones and cloud-based server systems.

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