Pepper C1 MUX introduction

Pepper C1 MUX introduction

This brief “how to” video from Eccel Technology Ltd demonstrates their new Multiplexed IoT RFID Pepper C1 Mux readers and how to quickly and easily configure them for multiple antenna inputs reading and displaying automatically the serial number (UID) of any NFC tag/card held within range.

The user can connect up to 8 external antennas. Eccel provides a variety of antennas in different size and lead length. All Peppers give wireless interface via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic (SPP profile) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In addition to wireless interfaces, devices can be chosen by the wired interface options of RS485, RS232, USB and UART (3.3V).

There are also very powerful development tools and host system software libraries to support rapid and problem free development of the user’s application.

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