Pepper C1 Module

Pepper C1 Module introduction

The Pepper C1 Module offers all of the power of the Pepper C1 in a much smaller package size. The module is the perfect choice for users wishing to add RFID capability to their design quickly and without requiring extensive RFID and embedded software expertise. An advanced and powerful 32-bit microcontroller handles the RFID configuration setup and provides the user with a powerful yet simple command interface to facilitate fast and easy read/write access to the memory and features of the various transponders supported by this module.

The ‘drop-on and solder’ capability with ready to use firmware also makes the C1 Module ideal for retro-fitting to bring RFID capability to existing designs without the need for time-consuming PCB re-designs.

Our range of available flex antennas made of a polyamide flexible material pairs perfectly with the C1 Module and can be fixed to most flat surfaces, thanks to the adhesive layer included on the bottom side of the antenna. The dimensions of the antenna are readily customisable to suit different applications and size constraints.

We also provide a base evaluation board to complement the Pepper C1 Module for development purposes. The baseboard is perfect for facilitating quick and easy learning of the functionalities of the Pepper C1 Module when testing out its capabilities prior to incorporating the Pepper C1 Module into a final product design. Connection to the baseboard is simple, using a standard USB cable.

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