A surface mount complete RFID reader module supporting Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare EV1, NTAG2xx transponders. SPI or I2C interface. Connect a 3.3V power supply and an antenna (see our antenna range) to create a working RFID reader. Very fast and very low power. Supports multiple tags simultaneously in the field and stand alone operation as well as connected to a host controller operation. Add as a sub assembly component to your pcb to give RFID capability to your product.

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The RFID A1 module is the first in an evolving family of 13.56MHz sub assemblies from Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology). The product is designed with embedded applications in mind, where the user wishes to easily add RFID capability to his design without requiring the time and RFID expert knowledge to develop this high performance solution from an individual component and embedded software level. An on board low power ARM microcontroller handles the RFID configuration setup and provides the user with a powerful yet simple command interface to facilitate fast and easy read/write access to the memory and features of the various transponders supported by this module. 14 different ISO14443A protocol transponder types are supported by this module. MIFARE® DESFire® and MIFARE Plus® cards are supported for serial number acquisition only. Interface to the RFID A1 module is via either SPI for fastest possible speed, at up to a maximum clock frequency of 500 kHz, or for the minimum number of connections there is an I2C slave port provided.

The guiding values of the RFID A1 design have been:

  • Fully supports read/write to MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, NTAG21x, MIFARE Ultralight®. Supports serial number (UID) read only of other ISO14443 based transponders such as MIFARE® DESFire®, MIFARE Plus® etc.
  • Multiple tag: supports anti-collision enabling simultaneous reading and writing of multiple tags in the filed.
  • Supports polling mode (tag’s UIDs can be stored on the “whitelist” in the RFID A1 user memory).
  • Low power consumption. The lowest power down mode consumes typically 20nA (nano amps).
  • Small footprint. This enables the RFID A1 module to be placed on the user’s circuit board just like any other surface mount component. The package is just over 20mm x 20mm in size, with castellated edges to enable easy surface mount soldering of the module to the user’s printed circuit board.
  • High transponder read/write speed. For example, the whole 1K byte memory of a MIFARE Classic® 1K classic transponder can be written to in under 0.6 seconds and read in under 0.5 seconds.
  • Powerful encryption. The module provides the option to encrypt and decrypt tag data using the AES128 CBC encryption algorithm, with multiple encrypt/ decrypt key storage and selection options.
  • Low cost. The module simply requires a 3.3V power and GND connection from the user pcb, along with two connections to an antenna. Eccel Technology Ltd (IB Technology) provide a range of suitable antennas designed for use with this module.







RFID Tag Standard

MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, MIFARE Classic® Mini, MIFARE Ultralight®, NTAG2xx®

Supply voltage






Altium/CS format Eagle format
Antenna 13x21mm Antenna 27x43mm Antenna 30x30mm Antenna 40x63mm Antenna 53x85mm




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