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Pepper C1 firmware v2.0

We have just released the new, improved v2.0 Pepper C1 firmware.

This version will supersede the previous firmware configurations. Therefore we recommend performing this manually and taking care by loading the new firmware file and selecting the “Upgrade” button in the Pepper Web interface.

This new firmware contains the following upgrades:

  • backup/restore to JSON file
  • more flexible configuration – the user can enable more protocols in the same time
  • UDP discovery function to find readers in the network
  • MDNS service
  • device name can be changed in the configuration
  • device_name field added to JSON frames
  • unified fields in JSON output frames
  • new REST API interface
  • new CMD_LED in binary protocol
  • new CMD_PROTO_CONFIG in binary protocol
  • TCP connection are closed before the software restart
  • Device name in HID mode is extended by _HID extension

Importantly, the latest firmware allows multiple Pepper readers to be “daisy chained” together over a host network so each can be communicated with in-turn without the need to select each one over the network individually.
This has the big advantage of making communication with multiple devices and upgrading and setup much more easily.

The new firmware can be found here:

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