New prices

New prices of the whole Pepper family

We are pleased to be able to offer our latest and most powerful “Pepper” products at new, lower prices!

Please check out the following products on our website at the following link here.

  1. Pepper C1 MUX (red PCB) – multiplex up to 8 external antennas with a single reader board! These readers are compatible with all our red PCB antennas.
  2. Pepper C1 (black PCB) – the original member of the Pepper family with powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication. An integrated antenna board and a socket for an external antenna.
  3. Pepper C1 EA – (blue PCB) – Peppers without the integrated antenna to allow the option to connect an external antenna (EA). These readers are compatible with all our green PCB antennas.
  4. Pepper C1 Module – all the power of the Pepper chipset now also comes as a small module.

As a reminder all of our products are CE / UKCA marked and we can offer advice for testing to meet other worldwide RFID emissions standards such as in the US and Canada.

For more information and any questions please contact us on:

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